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ToTitleCase. This uppercases each word in a String. Custom-developed algorithms may be superior. But the ToTitleCase function from System.Globalization is more convenient.
Function notes. ToTitleCase is effective in many VB.NET programs. This example shows the ToTitleCase method on TextInfo from System.Globalization.
First, import the System.Globalization namespace. In Main, we use the TextInfo instance on CultureInfo.CurrentCulture and call ToTitleCase.
Result The output has each letter following a space or period uppercased. This is a simple example, so it works well.
Imports System.Globalization Module Module1 Sub Main() Dim value As String = "dot net perls vb.net" Dim title As String = CultureInfo.CurrentCulture. TextInfo.ToTitleCase(value) Console.WriteLine(title) End Sub End Module
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A warning. Unfortunately, ToTitleCase does not contain extensive logic. It cannot handle special cases. For example, the acronym "VB.NET" is not uppercased correctly.
Info To solve this problem, you can call Replace on every special case you require.
String Replace
Summary. There are many ways to do the same basic tasks in the .NET Framework. ToTitleCase is built into the .NET Framework for you, but it cannot cover every possible case you might require.
String Uppercase First Letter
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