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TODO Comments. Programs are complicated—when in development, many tasks need remembering. We track them in Visual Studio with TODO comments.
Comment notes. These comments help organize our projects. We list to-do items in a central place. Variations on the "TODO" syntax are supported, so this feature is more usable.
Intro. TODO comments allow Visual Studio to maintain a central list of tasks, which it reads from many different places. The Task List shows all the TODO comments in your project.
Tip To open the list, go to View, and then Task List. A recent version of Visual Studio is needed.
Detail Here are some examples of TODO lines that Visual Studio will notice and put into its special Task Pane.
//todo: fix dialog windows //TODO: work on SQLCE guide // Todo new screenshot
Visual Studio Code. With Visual Studio Code, there is minimal support for "todo" without installing an extension. A file named todo will have a special "check box" icon.
Tip Open the extensions pane in VS Code, and search for "todo." Various extensions can provide todo management features.
Todo Tree TODO-Highlight todo ...
Syntax info. Note that you have some flexibility with these tokens. The strings "todo," TODO and TODO all work equally well. Visual Studio's parser allows some variation.
A summary. We looked at TODO comment syntax in the Visual Studio IDE. You can go through your project and put TODO comments everywhere you need to do something.
Other comments. UNDONE and HACK are a couple other predefined comment tokens. Experiment and find what suits your style the best, so you can be as productive as you want to be.
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