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TextWriter creates text output. This C# class is used to implement other file classes in the base class library. You can also use it to implement file IO logic.
Used by StreamWriter. TextWriter is used to implement StreamWriter. It lacks helpful features, but is still useful when we want to use a specific text encoding.
Example. First here we look at the TextWriter class, which we instantiate from the result of the File.CreateText static method in the System.IO namespace.
Start The TextWriter class is easiest to use reliably when you wrap it in a using statement and a resource acquisition statement.
Info The program uses the WriteLine method and the Write method on the TextWriter instance we allocated.
Note The Write() method does not add the newline sequence. It just writes the character data specified.
Note 2 The program uses the NewLine property. By default, it will be set to the platform's default newline sequence.
using System.IO; class Program { static void Main() { // // Create a new TextWriter in the resource acquisition statement. // using (TextWriter writer = File.CreateText("C:\\perl.txt")) { // // Write one line. // writer.WriteLine("First line"); // // Write two strings. // writer.Write("A "); writer.Write("B "); // // Write the default newline. // writer.Write(writer.NewLine); } } }
First line A B
StreamWriter. The StreamWriter class inherits from TextWriter. The TextWriter class is an abstract base class, which means it provides functionality for StreamWriter.
Note Microsoft states that StreamWriter represents writing in a particular encoding.
And For this reason, unless you have specialized encoding requirements, StreamWriter is more appropriate because it manages the encoding.
Summary. We looked at the TextWriter class and related it to the StreamWriter class by noting that it is used as a base class. TextWriter does not handle encodings automatically.
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