String Chars (Get Char at Index)
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String Chars. How can we access the first, second or last characters from a String in the VB.NET programming language? There are some techniques to do this without exceptions.
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With the index 0, we can access the first character. Each successive index contains the next character—so 1 is the second Char.
Example. This program written in the VB.NET language accesses some chars from a String. The String "abc" contains 3 characters.
Part 1 We get the first char by using an expression with the index 0. Chars (like arrays) are zero-indexes in VB.NET.
Part 2 The second char is at the index 0. It is possible for any access that is out-of-range to throw an exception.
Part 3 The last char in a String of length 1 or more is located at the Length minus one. This won't work on an empty string.
Part 4 To avoid throwing exceptions by accessing a Char at an index, we can wrap the test inside an If-statement.
Part 5 An exception is thrown when we access an index that does not occur within the string's data.
Module Module1 Sub Main() Dim value As String = "abc" ' Part 1: get first char. Dim first As Char = value(0) Console.WriteLine($"FIRST: {first}") ' Part 2: get second char. Dim second As Char = value(1) Console.WriteLine($"SECOND: {second}") ' Part 3: get last char. Dim last As Char = value(value.Length - 1) Console.WriteLine($"LAST: {last}") ' Part 4: safely check indexes. Dim target As Integer = 5 If target < value.Length Dim result As Char = value(target) Console.WriteLine($"TARGET: {result}") End If ' Part 5: we must access a char within the valid range of indexes. Try Dim result As Char = value(target) Catch ex As Exception: Console.WriteLine(ex) End Try End Sub End Module
FIRST: a SECOND: b LAST: c System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array. at System.String.get_Chars(Int32 index) at vbtest.Module1.Main() in C:\Users\...\Program.vb:line 26
Summary. Strings in VB.NET are indexed starting at zero and proceeding to one minus the length. Empty strings contain no characters, and an If-statement can be used to detect valid indexes.
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