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ROT13. The ROT13 algorithm encodes plain text. In this algorithm, the letters A-Z and a-z are rotated 13 places. This function can be written in the VB.NET language.
Some notes. ROT13 scrambles the text but is easily reversible. It can be implemented with If and ElseIf in VB.NET code—this is likely the simplest approach.
Example. We test to make sure the Rot13 function, when called twice, correctly reverses the operation. In the Rot13 function, we receive one String parameter and return a new String value.
Detail We first use the Asc function to convert several important characters to integers. These could be hard-coded in the program.
Detail We invoke ToCharArray and loop over the chars. We use Asc on each char to convert it to its ASCII representation.
And The shifting logic then tests letters and changes their values to be 13 greater or 13 less.
Finally The String constructor converts the character array back to a string and returns it.
String Constructor
Module Module1 Sub Main() ' Use Rot13. Console.WriteLine("The apartment") Console.WriteLine(Rot13("The apartment")) Console.WriteLine(Rot13(Rot13("The apartment"))) End Sub Public Function Rot13(ByVal value As String) As String ' Could be stored as integers directly. Dim lowerA As Integer = Asc("a"c) Dim lowerZ As Integer = Asc("z"c) Dim lowerM As Integer = Asc("m"c) Dim upperA As Integer = Asc("A"c) Dim upperZ As Integer = Asc("Z"c) Dim upperM As Integer = Asc("M"c) ' Convert to character array. Dim array As Char() = value.ToCharArray ' Loop over string. Dim i As Integer For i = 0 To array.Length - 1 ' Convert to integer. Dim number As Integer = Asc(array(i)) ' Shift letters. If ((number >= lowerA) AndAlso (number <= lowerZ)) Then If (number > lowerM) Then number -= 13 Else number += 13 End If ElseIf ((number >= upperA) AndAlso (number <= upperZ)) Then If (number > upperM) Then number -= 13 Else number += 13 End If End If ' Convert to character. array(i) = Chr(number) Next i ' Return string. Return New String(array) End Function End Module
The apartment Gur ncnegzrag The apartment
A summary. The ROT13 algorithm is easily broken and won't stop others from reading your important secrets. ROT13 is helpful for learning how to write string-manipulation code.
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