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Regex.Matches, quote. Regex.Matches can handle quoted data. We parse a String containing fields inside quotes in VB.NET—special care must be taken with the expression pattern.
When parsing some files, we may have to deal with quoted values. We show an example of parsing a textual list. Some clever code to detect the quotes is helpful.
Required input and output. Consider this example string that contains the word "Bahrain" in single quotes. We want to extract the terms, eliminating the surrounding characters.
Input: ('BH','BAHRAIN','Bahrain','BHR','048')
BH BAHRAIN Bahrain BHR 048
Example. We first import System.Text.RegularExpressions. This program matches all the quoted values within the example value string.
Step 1 We call Regex.Matches with a pattern that means we want zero or more characters inside single quotes.
Step 2 We loop through the Match instances that are found on the MatchCollection returned by the Matches() method.
Step 3 We access the first group of each Match, and then print its value. This String could be stored in a List or used elsewhere.
Imports System.Text.RegularExpressions Module Module1 Sub Main() Dim value As String = "('BH','BAHRAIN','Bahrain','BHR','048')" ' Step 1: match data between single quotes hesitantly. Dim result As MatchCollection = Regex.Matches(value, "'(.*?)'") ' Step 2: loop through Matches. For Each m As Match In result ' Step 3: access first Group and its value. Dim group = m.Groups(1) Console.WriteLine(group.Value) Next End Sub End Module
BH BAHRAIN Bahrain BHR 048
Some notes. There are alternative methods you can use to accomplish this same task. A For-loop that appends the substrings to a List could work, or Regex.Split could be called.
With a Regex, we can extract substrings from inside certain characters such as quotes. The Regex pattern can be changed for each program's needs as well.
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