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Math.pow, exponents. A number is squared. A number is cubed. With Math.pow we raise a number to any exponent. We use an exponentiation function.
Pow stands for power. If you have ever been in a math course, you (probably) already know what Math.pow does. It raises the first number to the power of the second number.
A simple example. Let us begin with this simple Java program. We square 5, which gives us 25. And we square 3 which yields 9. We print the results.
Detail The result of Math.pow is a double. We can cast this to an int if we know that no data loss due to narrowing will occur.
Argument 1 This is the base number we want to raise to a power. So to find the square of 5 we use 5 as the first argument to Math.pow.
Argument 2 This is the exponent. This can be fractional, but it is usually an int like 2 (which means square).
Integer Max
public class Program { public static void main(String[] args) { // Raise 5 to the power of 2. // ... Then raise 3 to the power of 2. double result1 = Math.pow(5, 2); double result2 = Math.pow(3, 2); // ... Display our results. System.out.println(result1); System.out.println(result2); } }
25.0 9.0
Square. With methods we can add abstractions to our programs to make them easier to reason about. For example this program uses a square() method. It wraps a call to Math.pow.
Tip It may be easier to call square() than use Math.pow with specific arguments. The performance cost here is minimal or none.
public class Program { static double square(int base) { // We use Math.pow with a second argument of 2 to square. return Math.pow(base, 2); } public static void main(String[] args) { // Use square method. double result1 = square(2); double result2 = square(3); double result3 = square(4); System.out.println(result1); System.out.println(result2); System.out.println(result3); } }
4.0 9.0 16.0
A review. With Math.pow we compute power functions. We square and cube numbers. With Math.pow we have a reliable and heavily-tested method in the Java framework to use.
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