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First words. A string contains many words. These are separated by spaces. To create a caption of the text, we sometimes need to get the first words from the string.
With a loop, and a char-testing algorithm, we can extract the first N words from a string. We use substring() to extract the first part from the text.
An example. Here is the firstWords method. This method receives two arguments: the string we want to get the first words from, and the number of words to extract. It uses a for-loop.
Start We use the charAt method to count spaces. We decrement the "words" count when a space is encountered.
String charAt
Return When no more words are needed, we return a string of the word up to the current space. This substring contains the first words.
String substring
public class Program { public static String firstWords(String input, int words) { for (int i = 0; i < input.length(); i++) { // When a space is encountered, reduce words remaining by 1. if (input.charAt(i) == ' ') { words--; } // If no more words remaining, return a substring. if (words == 0) { return input.substring(0, i); } } // Error case. return ""; } public static void main(String[] args) { String value = "One two three four five."; System.out.println(value); // Test firstWords on the first 3 and 4 words. String words3 = firstWords(value, 3); System.out.println(words3); String words4 = firstWords(value, 4); System.out.println(words4); } }
One two three four five. One two three One two three four
Some issues. The method does not handle an invalid number of words. If you specify a million words and there are not that many words, an empty string will be returned.
String isEmpty
A learning exercise. When learning a programming language, writing many simple methods like this one is helpful. Many things can be accomplished with a simple char-testing loop.
Summary. This method extracts the first words from a string. This can be used to create brief summaries of text (or captions for images). First words are often sufficient for labels.
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