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Filecmp. Are two files equal in contents and metadata? It is sometimes useful to determine if a file is the same as another file. With filecmp, a Python module, this is possible.
Although it would be possible to implement the logic from filecmp in each program, filecmp offers convenient pre-built functionality. This reduces the amount of code you need to write.
Example. This program creates 2 separate files and populates them with some data. It then compares the files with the filecmp.cmp method.
Step 1 We use 2 open() calls to create two files (or rewrite the contents of any existing files with those names). We write some data to each.
Step 2 We compare the files with filecmp.cmp. This returns true, as the contents are equal.
Step 3 We modify the contents of the second file and write some text that is different to the file.
Step 4 When we call filecmp.cmp again, we get a False result as the files now have different contents.
import filecmp f1 = "example.txt" f2 = "example2.txt" # Step 1: create the 2 files with identical text. with open(f1, "w") as f: f.write("Some example text") with open(f2, "w") as f: f.write("Some example text") # Step 2: compare the files. result = filecmp.cmp(f1, f2, shallow=True) print(result) # Step 3: modify the second file. with open(f2, "w") as f: f.write("Different text") # Step 4: compare the files again. result = filecmp.cmp(f1, f2, shallow=True) print(result)
True False
Summary. With the filecmp module, we have some useful methods like cmp and cmpfiles—these methods compare the metadata and (if necessary) the contents of files.
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