Convert HashMap to VecConvert a HashMap to a vector, and back again, with the from_iter method and a for-in loop.
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Convert HashMap, vec. We often need to translate from one type to another, and this is one of the more difficult tasks at first. In Rust we can change from a HashMap to a vector.
Function notes. Sometimes finding a useful module is worth more than lots of looping code. With FromIterator we can call from_iter to translate an iterator from HashMap.
HashMap to vec. This code example goes from a HashMap to 3 different kinds of vectors. We can place the keys, values, or both keys and values at once into a vector.
Version 1 We use from_iter and pass the result of iter() called on the HashMap. This is a vector containing both keys and values.
Version 2 Here we just get a vector of str references from the keys() of the HashMap. This is probably a common usage of from_iter.
Finally We get a vector from the HashMap's values. We use (for the third time) a special formatting code to display it.
String Array
use std::collections::HashMap; use std::iter::FromIterator; fn main() { let mut map = HashMap::new(); map.insert("cat", 800); map.insert("frog", 200); // Version 1: get vector of pairs. let vec1 = Vec::from_iter(map.iter()); println!("{:?}", vec1); // Version 2: get vector of keys. let vec2 = Vec::from_iter(map.keys()); println!("{:?}", vec2); // Version 3: get vector of values. let vec3 = Vec::from_iter(map.values()); println!("{:?}", vec3); }
[("cat", 800), ("frog", 200)] ["cat", "frog"] [800, 200]
Convert to HashMap. One way we can go from a Vector to a HashMap is by using a simple for-loop. This code benefits from being clear and direct, but is not particularly clever.
use std::collections::HashMap; fn main() { // Create vec of 2 strings. let animals = vec!["dog", "lizard"]; // Create empty HashMap. let mut map = HashMap::new(); // Add each animal from the vector to the HashMap. for animal in &animals { map.insert(animal, 1); } println!("{:?}", map); }
{"dog": 1, "lizard": 1}
A summary. Conversion between types is paramount for program development. If we could not convert types, we could not do much. These examples help with HashMap Rust conversions.
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