char.ToLower and ToUpperCall the char.ToLower method to make chars lowercase. Use ToUpper to transform to uppercase.
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Char.ToLower, ToUpper. ToLower converts only uppercase letters. It changes uppercase letters to lowercase letters. It leaves all other characters unchanged.
C# method info. ToLower and ToUpper are ideal for character conversions. These methods are included in .NET, and act on all characters in a reliable way.
Input and output. Consider the uppercase letter "A." This has the ASCII value 65. When lowercased, it equals "a" which is ASCII 97.
A (65) a (97)
An example. Here we see char.ToLower. This converts uppercase characters to lowercase characters, while not changing characters that are already lowercase or digits.
Part 1 The 4 calls to char.ToLower show how this static method is used. And the comments show the values returned.
Part 2 The 4 calls to char.ToUpper show how this method is used. The result from each call is shown.
Part 3 We print the results to the console with several calls to Console.WriteLine.
using System; class Program { static void Main() { char c1 = 'a'; // Lowercase a char c2 = 'b'; // Lowercase b char c3 = 'C'; // Uppercase C char c4 = '3'; // Digit 3 // Part 1: use char.ToLower. char lower1 = char.ToLower(c1); // a char lower2 = char.ToLower(c2); // b char lower3 = char.ToLower(c3); // c [changed] char lower4 = char.ToLower(c4); // 3 // Part 2: use char.ToUpper. char upper1 = char.ToUpper(c1); // A [changed] char upper2 = char.ToUpper(c2); // B [changed] char upper3 = char.ToUpper(c3); // C char upper4 = char.ToUpper(c4); // 3 // Part 3: write results. Console.WriteLine(c1 + "," + c2 + "," + c3 + "," + c4); Console.WriteLine(lower1 + "," + lower2 + "," + lower3 + "," + lower4); Console.WriteLine(upper1 + "," + upper2 + "," + upper3 + "," + upper4); } }
a,b,C,3 a,b,c,3 A,B,C,3
IsLower, IsUpper. Sometimes we need to first test if a character is lowercase or uppercase. The char.IsLower and IsUpper methods in C# help here.
using System; class Program { static void Main() { string test = "AxZ"; // Call IsLower and IsUpper in loop. foreach (char value in test) { if (char.IsLower(value)) { Console.WriteLine("LOWER"); } else if (char.IsUpper(value)) { Console.WriteLine("UPPER"); } } } }
InvariantCulture. These 2 methods use the CultureInfo.InvariantCulture parameter internally. The letters are lowercased and uppercased the same in all globalization settings.
Performance notes. Finally, the char.ToLower and char.ToUpper methods have worse performance than a custom method that tests ASCII values. It can be worthwhile to use a custom method.
A summary. We saw examples of using char.ToLower and char.ToUpper. These are simple but useful methods for quickly testing characters.
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