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Oct 3, 2023—edit: Scala StringBuilderOct 3, 2023—review: Scala SliceOct 3, 2023—simplify: Scala Initialize ListOct 3, 2023—review: Scala StringOct 3, 2023—edit: Scala SetOct 3, 2023—review: Scala indexOfOct 3, 2023—review: Scala splitOct 3, 2023—review: Scala RegexOct 3, 2023—review: Scala OptionOct 3, 2023—edit: Scala StripOct 3, 2023—review: Scala sortedOct 3, 2023—review: Scala RecursionOct 3, 2023—review: Scala Odd, EvenOct 3, 2023—edit: Scala format
Oct 3, 2023—generator update
Oct 3, 2023—review: VB.NET String.Copy, CopyToOct 3, 2023—edit: C# SubstringOct 3, 2023—edit: C# Remove CharOct 3, 2023—edit: C# Array.ConvertAllOct 3, 2023—edit: C# AppendFormatSep 30, 2023—review: C# Count CharactersSep 26, 2023—edit: C# IListSep 26, 2023—edit: C# IncrementSep 24, 2023—simplify: Java CalendarSep 24, 2023—review: Java FibonacciSep 24, 2023—review: Java Math.roundSep 24, 2023—review: Java ImmutableListSep 24, 2023—edit: Java HashtableSep 24, 2023—edit: Java int ArraySep 24, 2023—edit: Java packageSep 23, 2023—review: C# NormalizeSep 23, 2023—edit: C# RegexOptions.MultilineSep 23, 2023—edit: C# RegexOptions.IgnoreCaseSep 23, 2023—new example: C# RegexOptions.CompiledSep 23, 2023—review: C# Regex.Split NumbersSep 23, 2023—review: C# Regex FileSep 23, 2023—edit: C# object ArraySep 23, 2023—edit: Java RandomSep 21, 2023—review: Java RightSep 21, 2023—edit: C# LastOrDefaultSep 21, 2023—edit: C# char Array
Sep 21, 2023—generator update
Sep 21, 2023—search update
Sep 21, 2023—edit: C# Array.SortSep 21, 2023—edit: C# Array FindSep 20, 2023—new: Swift Date
Sep 20, 2023—changelog update
Sep 20, 2023—home update
Sep 20, 2023—generator update
Sep 18, 2023—edit: Swift Initialize ArraysSep 18, 2023—edit: Go rangeSep 18, 2023—edit: Python NumPySep 16, 2023—new: Swift Sort DictionarySep 16, 2023—edit link: Swift sort
Sep 16, 2023—generator update
Sep 16, 2023—review: Java Convert Degrees
Sep 15, 2023—generator update
Sep 15, 2023—edit: Ruby FileSep 15, 2023—review: Ruby ConcatSep 15, 2023—edit: Ruby FibonacciSep 15, 2023—review: Ruby String LiteralSep 14, 2023—edit: Python ifSep 14, 2023—new: Java Sort HashMapSep 14, 2023—new: Java Common ElementsSep 14, 2023—edit: C# Common Elements
Sep 14, 2023—generator update
Sep 14, 2023—simplify: C# byte ArraySep 14, 2023—simplify: Java sortSep 14, 2023—edit: Go suffixarraySep 13, 2023—edit: C# Common ElementsSep 13, 2023—edit: C# FileInfo LengthSep 13, 2023—new: Swift First WordsSep 13, 2023—edit: Swift funcSep 13, 2023—review: VB.NET Reverse StringSep 12, 2023—new: Rust First WordsSep 12, 2023—edit: Go First WordsSep 12, 2023—edit: Go Caesar CipherSep 12, 2023—edit: Java static InitializerSep 12, 2023—edit: C# static RegexSep 12, 2023—edit: C# static ArraySep 12, 2023—review: C# String Occurrence CountSep 12, 2023—edit: C# String forSep 12, 2023—edit: Java String switchSep 12, 2023—edit: C# String switchSep 12, 2023—edit: C# switch enumSep 12, 2023—edit: C# switch charSep 12, 2023—edit: C# null ArraySep 12, 2023—edit: C# null ListSep 12, 2023—review: C# Number WordsSep 12, 2023—edit: C# GenericSep 11, 2023—edit: C# ifSep 11, 2023—edit: C# Ternary OperatorSep 11, 2023—review: C# RightSep 11, 2023—edit: C# TypeInitializationExceptionSep 11, 2023—edit: C# InvalidOperationExceptionSep 11, 2023—edit: C# ArrayTypeMismatchExceptionSep 11, 2023—edit: C# Convert Bool, IntSep 11, 2023—edit: C# SpinWaitSep 11, 2023—edit: C# SleepSep 11, 2023—review: C# ThreadStart
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This site is built with a custom Rust command-line program. The resulting files are then uploaded and served for optimal performance.
Dot Net Perls is a collection of tested code examples. Pages are continually updated to stay current, with code correctness a top priority.
Sam Allen is passionate about computer languages. In the past, his work has been recommended by Apple and Microsoft and he has studied computers at a selective university in the United States.
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