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Jun 10, 2024—new: VB.NET Regex.Split DigitsJun 10, 2024—edit link: VB.NET Regex.SplitJun 10, 2024—simplify: C# Regex.Split DigitsJun 5, 2024—edit: C# OrderByDescendingJun 5, 2024—edit: VB.NET Regex FileJun 5, 2024—edit: C# Regex FileJun 5, 2024—edit: C# Regex.Replace DigitsJun 5, 2024—edit: C# Regex.Split DigitsJun 5, 2024—edit: C# return boolJun 5, 2024—edit: Rust return boolJun 5, 2024—edit: C# OdbcConnection
Jun 5, 2024—search update
Jun 5, 2024—generator update
Jun 4, 2024—new: C# initJun 4, 2024—simplify: C# PropertyJun 4, 2024—simplify: C# Reflection
May 31, 2024—generator update
May 29, 2024—edit: VB.NET Stack
May 29, 2024—generator update
May 28, 2024—generator update
May 23, 2024—generator update
May 21, 2024—simplify: C# DataRow
May 21, 2024—generator update
May 20, 2024—generator update
May 17, 2024—new: Rust formatMay 17, 2024—edit link: Rust printlnMay 17, 2024—simplify: C# Console.WriteLine
May 17, 2024—html css update
May 17, 2024—generator update
May 16, 2024—new: VB.NET Skip, TakeMay 16, 2024—edit link: VB.NET LINQMay 16, 2024—edit: VB.NET Array
May 16, 2024—svg update
May 16, 2024—generator update
May 15, 2024—home update
May 15, 2024—generator update
May 14, 2024—svg update
May 14, 2024—html css update
May 14, 2024—generator update
May 7, 2024—new: C# UnauthorizedAccessExceptionMay 7, 2024—new example: C# ConstructorMay 7, 2024—simplify: C# ConstructorMay 6, 2024—new: Python filecmpMay 1, 2024—image: C# DataTableMay 1, 2024—simplify: C# DataTableMay 1, 2024—simplify: C#.WinForms ListBox
May 1, 2024—generator update
Apr 30, 2024—generator update
Apr 27, 2024—generator update
Apr 26, 2024—new: Python matchApr 26, 2024—edit link: Python ifApr 25, 2024—new: Python weakref
Apr 25, 2024—generator update
Apr 25, 2024—svg update
Apr 25, 2024—html css update
Apr 24, 2024—new: Python dataclassApr 24, 2024—edit link: Python classApr 24, 2024—edit: Python classApr 24, 2024—edit: Python print
Apr 24, 2024—generator update
Apr 24, 2024—svg update
Apr 24, 2024—html css update
Apr 18, 2024—html css update
Apr 17, 2024—new: C# Dictionary RemoveApr 17, 2024—edit link: C# List RemoveApr 17, 2024—edit link: C# DictionaryApr 16, 2024—edit: C# Parallel.InvokeApr 16, 2024—rewrite: C# ParameterApr 16, 2024—simplify: C# static
Apr 16, 2024—generator update
Apr 10, 2024—simplify: C# LambdaApr 10, 2024—edit: C# ComparisonApr 3, 2024—new: Python marshalApr 3, 2024—edit link: Python pickleMar 28, 2024—new: Python getoptMar 28, 2024—edit link: Python argparseMar 28, 2024—edit: C# Concat
Mar 28, 2024—generator update
Mar 26, 2024—new: Python sqlite3Mar 22, 2024—new: Python bisectMar 22, 2024—edit link: Python sortMar 22, 2024—simplify: Python lambdaMar 22, 2024—edit: Python defMar 22, 2024—edit: Python array
Mar 22, 2024—html css update
Mar 21, 2024—new: Python base64Mar 21, 2024—edit: Python urllibMar 20, 2024—new: Python hashlibMar 20, 2024—edit: Python bytesMar 15, 2024—new: Python argparseMar 14, 2024—new: Python shelveMar 14, 2024—edit link: Python pickleMar 13, 2024—new: Python pickleMar 13, 2024—edit link: Python FileMar 13, 2024—edit: Python CSVMar 13, 2024—edit: Python range
Mar 13, 2024—generator update
Mar 12, 2024—html css update
Mar 12, 2024—generator update
Mar 6, 2024—new: Python tempfile
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