Array Length Property
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Length, array. How many elements are in an array? In VB.NET programs, we must account for empty arrays, 1D arrays, and sometimes 2D arrays.
With properties like Length and LongLength, we get values that indicate array element count. These values are stored by the arrays, so they are fast to access.
Example. We use the Main Subroutine to run some array-length testing code. We first need to create some arrays—we initialize a 3-element String array.
Part 1 We use the Length property and assign a local variable integer (length1) to this value.
Part 2 The LongLength property is available, and this helps when the array contains more elements than can be represented as an Integer.
Part 3 We initialize an empty array, and then access Length on it. This returns the value 0, as expected.
Part 4 Arrays have 1 or more dimensions. With GetLength, the argument indicates the rank (dimension) we want to measure.
Module Module1 Sub Main() ' Part 1: access Length property. Dim array1() as String = { "cat", "apple", "frog" } Dim length1 as Integer = array1.Length Console.WriteLine("LENGTH: {0}", length1) ' Part 2: access LongLength. Dim longLength1 as Long = array1.LongLength Console.WriteLine("LONGLENGTH: {0}", longLength1) ' Part 3: get Length of zero-length array. Dim array2() as Integer = { } Dim length2 = array2.Length Console.WriteLine("LENGTH: {0}", length2) ' Part 4: get length for rank 0 of first array. Dim length3 = array1.GetLength(0) Console.WriteLine("LENGTH: {0}", length3) End Sub End Module
2D arrays. Consider now 2D arrays—these have a total length of elements, but each dimension (or rank) also has a length. The GetLength() function returns the length for a certain rank.
2D Array
Info The array in this program has 3 rows and 2 columns. For rank 0, we get 3 (for rows), and for rank 1, we get 2 (columns).
Module Module1 Sub Main() ' Use GetLength on 2D array. Dim two(,) As Integer = New Integer(,) { { 10, 20 }, { 30, 40 }, { 50, 60 } } Console.WriteLine("GETLENGTH: {0}", two.GetLength(0)) Console.WriteLine("GETLENGTH: {0}", two.GetLength(1)) ' Use Length on 2D array. Console.WriteLine("LENGTH: {0}", two.Length) End Sub End Module
Summary. In VB.NET, all arrays know their lengths, and this value can be accessed instantly with Length. For 2D arrays, the situation is more complex, but GetLength can be used.
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