Array.IndexOf, LastIndexOfInvoke the Array.IndexOf and LastIndexOf Functions to search for elements by value.
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Array.IndexOf. The Array.IndexOf function in VB.NET searches an array from its beginning. It returns the index of the element with the specified value.
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LastIndexOf, meanwhile, searches from the end of an array. Both functions return -1 if no match is found. We must test for -1 in an If-Statement.
If Then
Example. To start, we create an array of 6 elements. Please notice how the array has two elements with value 5—one is at index 2 and one is at index 5.
Then We call the Array.IndexOf Function. It returns the value 2, meaning it found the value 5 at index 2.
Finally We call LastIndexOf. It returns the value 5, meaning it found the value 5 at index 5.
Here We see the difference between IndexOf and LastIndexOf. They locate different elements in some arrays.
Shows an array
Module Module1 Sub Main() Dim arr(5) As Integer arr(0) = 1 arr(1) = 3 arr(2) = 5 arr(3) = 7 arr(4) = 8 arr(5) = 5 ' Search array with IndexOf. Dim index1 As Integer = Array.IndexOf(arr, 5) Console.WriteLine(index1) ' Search with LastIndexOf. Dim index2 As Integer = Array.LastIndexOf(arr, 5) Console.WriteLine(index2) End Sub End Module
2 5
Negative 1. IndexOf and LastIndexOf return -1 if no matching element is found. When using these Functions, you must be careful to check for -1.
Info If you try to use -1 as an index to an array, you will receive an exception.
Module Module1 Sub Main() ' An array. Dim arr() As Integer = {10, 20, 30} ' Search for a value that does not exist. Dim result As Integer = Array.IndexOf(arr, 100) Console.WriteLine(result) End Sub End Module
Usually when using IndexOf functions in .NET, we must use If-Statements and check for negative 1. If a value is guaranteed to be present, this step may not be needed.
String IndexOf
Summary. These Functions are a declarative way to search an array for a specific matching value. When compared to a For-Loop, this reduces code size.
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