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Arc. Imagine a Rust program that starts 10 threads, but wants to access a Vec from all of the threads. We could copy the type, but an Arc is a better option.
With Arc, we indicate an atomic reference count is wanted. Atomic refers to the thread-safe nature of Arc. Arc can be used on multiple threads with no worries.
Rc, RefCell
Example program. This rust program includes the "Arc" type at the top. We create a Vector of many integers, and then create an Arc reference to the Vec.
Tip To create an Arc, we call Arc::new() on a type like a vector or struct instance. Even a string can be in an Arc.
Info First we must create an Arc, and then we call clone() on the Arc reference to allow other types to access the Arc.
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use std::thread; use std::sync::Arc; fn main() { // Create Vec of many integers. let mut data: Vec<i32> = vec![]; for i in 0..100000 { data.push(i); } // Create Arc of the vector. let data_ref: Arc<Vec<i32>> = Arc::new(data); // Clone the Arc across 10 vector elements. let mut vector = vec![]; for _ in 0..10 { vector.push(data_ref.clone()); } // Create a thread for each group and access the vector from the Arc. let mut children = vec![]; for x in vector { children.push(thread::spawn(move || { // The array of many integers is available through the Arc. println!("{}", x.len()); })); } // Done. for child in children { let _ = child.join(); } }
100000 100000 100000 100000 100000 100000 100000 100000 100000 100000
Not mutable. Many threads can access data through an Arc reference. But none of them can modify the data—if we try this, we get a compile error in Rust.
Tip Compiler errors help us develop better Rust programs. But sometimes it seems they are an annoyance.
error[E0596]: cannot borrow data in an `Arc` as mutable
Performance notes. Arcs seem to lead to significant performance wins in Rust programs that must use shared data. Copying data can be slow, particularly if the data is large.
Arc versus Rc. In Rust an Arc is an atomic reference count element. The "atomic" part refers to its thread safety. An Rc is just a reference count, but it cannot be passed to threads.
Tip The Rust compiler (rustc) helpfully tells us when an Rc is passed to a thread. A program won't compile.
The Arc type, part of the std sync library, is powerful and can vastly optimize Rust programs. It has limitations, but it is a key and important part of Rust threading.
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