C# Regex.Replace, Merge Multiple Spaces

Remove multiple spaces in strings with Regex.Replace. Handle other whitespace like newlines.
Regex.Replace, spaces. Regex.Replace can act upon spaces. It can merge multiple spaces in a string to one space. We use a pattern to change multiple spaces to single spaces. The characters \s+ come in handy.Regex.Replace
This program includes the System.Text.RegularExpressions namespace, which gives us easy access to Regex.Replace. In CollapseSpaces, we use the pattern "\s+" to indicate more than one whitespace.

And: This will match newlines, carriage returns, spaces and tabs. We then replace this pattern with a single space.

Result: You can see that the output values only have one space in between the words.

Note: Sometimes, after processing text with other regular expressions and methods, multiple spaces will appear.

Tip: CollapseSpaces() can solve that problem but results in even more complexity in the program.

C# program that uses Regex.Replace on spaces using System; using System.Text.RegularExpressions; class Program { static string CollapseSpaces(string value) { return Regex.Replace(value, @"\s+", " "); } static void Main() { string value = "Dot Net Perls"; Console.WriteLine(CollapseSpaces(value)); value = "Dot Net\r\nPerls"; Console.WriteLine(CollapseSpaces(value)); } } Output Dot Net Perls Dot Net Perls
Performance. If this method is in a hot path in your program, it would be better to replace it with a character-based implementation. It is possible to use a character array and then selectively write in characters, omitting unwanted ones.Char Array

Then: You can use the string constructor to convert the character array back to a string.

String Constructor
Summary. We saw a whitespace-processing method that uses the Regex.Replace method. I have used this method to process strings that were slightly invalid. It works well but increases overall complexity.RegexReplace
Dot Net Perls
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