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Use the orderby keyword in a query expression. Include System.Linq.

Orderby. An orderby clause adds sorting to a query. It imposes a sorting algorithm to the expression's result. It can be placed within a query that also does other things.KeywordsSort

Notes, method. In the C# language, this clause is compiled to the OrderBy method. But often the clearest way to use the OrderBy method is with a clause.

First example. The "using System.Linq" directive is present at the top. The 3 query expressions use an orderby element, orderby element ascending, and orderby element descending syntax.LINQ

Info: The identifier "element" is entirely arbitrary, and it is just declared in each individual query.

Ascending: We see that the first query expression and the second query expression both perform an ascending sort.

Tip: The word ascending means "lowest to highest", like how a staircase ascends from the lowest step to the highest step.

And: The final query returns a descending sort, with the highest numbers going to the lowest numbers. This is the logical opposite.

C# program that uses orderby clause using System; using System.Linq; class Program { static void Main() { // Input array. int[] array = { 2, 5, 3 }; // Use orderby, orderby ascending, and orderby descending. var result0 = from element in array orderby element select element; var result1 = from element in array orderby element ascending select element; var result2 = from element in array orderby element descending select element; // Print results. Console.WriteLine("result0"); foreach (var element in result0) { Console.WriteLine(element); } Console.WriteLine("result1"); foreach (var element in result1) { Console.WriteLine(element); } Console.WriteLine("result2"); foreach (var element in result2) { Console.WriteLine(element); } } } Output result0 2 3 5 result1 2 3 5 result2 5 3 2

Compiler. How are the orderby clauses in the expressions compiled to the intermediate form? The C# specification describes how the query clauses are translated into extension method calls.

System.Linq: The extension method calls are why the System.Linq namespace is required.

Info: The extensions OrderBy, and OrderByDescending are used when the C# compiler parses query expressions.

OrderBy, OrderByDescending

A summary. We used query expressions with ascending and descending, resulting in 3 sorted and enumerable collections. We examined the query syntax intermediate form.
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