VB.NET Math.Ceiling and Floor: Double Examples

Use the Math.Ceiling and Math.Floor methods to compute ceiling and floors of Doubles.

Math.Ceiling, Floor. Often numbers need to be manipulated. We can round a number upwards to the nearest integer (with a ceiling function), or down with a floor function.

With VB.NET methods, these functions are available without any development work. We invoke Math.Ceiling and Floor, often with Doubles with fractional parts.Double

Ceiling example. To begin we use the Math.Ceiling function. We pass in Double values and Ceiling returns a Double. Ceiling always changes a fractional value to be the higher integer.

And: With negative and positive numbers, this is not changed. The ceiling of -1.23 is -1.

VB.NET program that computes ceiling, uses Math.Ceiling Module Module1 Sub Main() ' Ceiling returns the next highest integer if a fraction part exists. Dim result As Double = Math.Ceiling(1.23) Console.WriteLine("CEILING 1.23: " + result.ToString) Dim result2 As Double = Math.Ceiling(-1.23) Console.WriteLine("CEILING -1.23: " + result2.ToString) Dim result3 As Double = Math.Ceiling(1) Console.WriteLine("CEILING 1: " + result3.ToString) End Sub End Module Output CEILING 1.23: 2 CEILING -1.23: -1 CEILING 1: 1

Floor example. With floor, we change a number with a fractional part to be the lower integer. Even a number like 1.99 is changed to 1. And integers are left unchanged.
VB.NET program that computes floor, uses Math.Floor Module Module1 Sub Main() ' Floor changes a number to the lower integer if a fraction part is present. Dim floor As Double = Math.Floor(1.99) Console.WriteLine("FLOOR 1.99: " + floor.ToString) Dim floor2 As Double = Math.Floor(-1.99) Console.WriteLine("FLOOR -1.99: " + floor2.ToString) End Sub End Module Output FLOOR 1.99: 1 FLOOR -1.99: -2

A summary. Ceiling and Floor are important functions in the .NET Framework. We rarely need to implement these mathematical methods—we use the reliable ones contained in the Framework.
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