JavaScript Keywords

Review language keywords and DOM methods that are used to create web applications.


A city is not built all at once. One brick is added and then another. As centuries pass the city grows. Like a city, JavaScript has humble beginnings.

Keywords, list.

JavaScript has many keywords. It can be used to do nearly anything that can be done with native code. Its performance improves each year.argumentsbreakcasedefaultelseforfunctionifininstanceofnewofreturnswitchtypeofvarwhile

DOM methods.

Consider a web page. It has many elements. It may contain references to images or other pages (with links). With DOM methods we can create pages in JavaScript.querySelector

Other methods.

We find many useful built-in methods like parseInt. These are ready to use in every browser that supports JavaScript—they are efficient and

Custom methods.

We can build complex custom methods in JavaScript. These are not included in browsers. But they can make programs simpler.Custom: Linked List


This is the Mozilla Developer Network. MDN has many good JavaScript reference pages. And it may have some insight from the developers of Firefox.Standard built-in objects: MDN

A benchmark note.

JavaScript performance is in a state of flux. It is changing. New optimizations appear. I provide complete HTML benchmark pages so you can run them yourself.

A review.

Over the years my perspective of JavaScript has changed. With new compilers, this language has gained performance. It is key to the web of the future.
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