DataGridView Columns, Edit Columns Dialog

Use the Edit Columns dialog in Visual Studio with DataGridView to handle columns.

DataGridView Columns. The DataGridView uses columns. But it is challenging to figure out how the Edit Columns dialog in Visual Studio works. We add columns in the DataGridView. We configure the control in Windows Forms to properly display columns.DataGridView

Add columns. After you create your DataGridView in Visual Studio by dragging it to your Windows Form, you will want to configure the columns to correctly display data. With the DataGridView, we predefine columns for display.

But: This doesn't actually display anything. Instead you create the rules by which the actual data will be displayed.

And: This is ideal when the first column must have a fixed width. Here, we want one of the DataGridView's columns to be 110px wide.

To start, go to Properties > Misc > Columns in Visual Studio. This shows the Edit Columns dialog box. Click on the "Add" button the bottom left. A screenshot of this dialog is shown above.

Step 2: Please change the Unbound column. An Unbound column is not directly linked to any DataSource.

Step 3: Change the header text. The text you type into the Header text: text box will ensure that the text is always shown.

And: This means you can display a different form of the column's name than is in the actual DataTable and database.

Finally, change the properties. You need to change the properties of the DataGridViewColumn in the dialog box that appears. I set 110px as the width, and AutoSizeMode of None.

DataPropertyName. You need to specify that a certain column in your database be inserted into the Column you just added in the Columns dialog box. To do this, you must assign the DataPropertyName of the column to the column name from your database.

Tip: To specify that your DataGridViewColumn be used for the Weight column for your database, type "Weight" into the DataPropertyName box.

Summary. We looked at how the Edit Columns and Add Columns dialog work when trying to configure DataGridView controls correctly. The columns are used as a template for how your DataGridView will deal with the data you assign through its DataSource.DataSource

Note: DataGridView is not entirely intuitive. But once you figure it out, it is useful.

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