Python classmethod and staticmethod Use

Use the classmethod and staticmethod decorators on functions.

Classmethod, staticmethod. Consider a class. We create an instance of the class. But some features of the class may not require an instance—they are more general-purpose.Class

This is where a static method is needed. A static method (indicated with "@staticmethod") means the method is called on the type name, not an instance.Built-ins

Classmethod. This is a function decorator. We apply it by specifying @classmethod before "def." It is a combination of an instance, and static, method. It can be called either way.

So: We can call the classmethod example, with the syntax Box.example or on a Box instance "b."

Class: The class argument ("cls" here) can be used as to create a type and return it. Or we can ignore it.

Python program that uses classmethod class Box: @classmethod def example(cls, code): # This method can be used as an instance or static method. print("Method called:", code) # Use classmethod as a static method. Box.example("cat") # Use classmethod as an instance method. b = Box() b.example("dog") Output Method called: cat Method called: dog

Staticmethod. A static method accepts no self instance. Most methods in a class accept a first argument with name "self." With the @staticmethod decorator, though, we omit this argument.

Tip: Static methods can return any value. They can accept any arguments. They are called with the class name, or on an instance.

Also: It makes no difference whether you call a static method with Box.Message or on an instance like b.Message.

Python program that uses staticmethod class Box: @staticmethod def Message(a): print("Box Message", a) # Call static method with type. Box.Message(1) # Call static method with instance. b = Box() b.Message(2) Output Box Message 1 Box Message 2

A review. Class methods and static methods are useful in Python programs. Often a class has parts to it that are not instance-based. Requiring an instance would be cumbersome and awkward.
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