Python Built In Functions

Review built-in functions in the Python language. These are used in many programs.
Built-ins. A programming language's syntax is important. But often, the standard library (full of built-in types) is even more critical to program development.
Python functions. We figure out how to read programs by recognizing keywords and built-ins. Programs can be predicted. These functions make them meaningful.absallanyasciibinboolbytearraybytescallablechrclassmethodcompilecomplexdelattrdictdirdivmodenumerateevalexecfilterfloatformatfrozensetgetattrglobalshasattrhashhelphexidimportinputintisinstanceissubclassiterlenlistlocalsmapmaxmemoryviewminnextobjectoctopenordpowprintpropertyrangereprreversedroundsetsetattrslicesortedstaticmethodstrsumsupertupletypevarszip
Keywords. Python also provides keywords. Some constants, like True and False and None are also made available. Programs are composed of these parts.andasassertbreakclasscontinuedefdelelifelseexceptFalsefinallyforfromglobalifimportinislambdaNonenonlocalnotpassraisereturntryTruewhilewithyield
Modules. In Python programs we often invoke methods from modules. With the import and "from" statements we use these units of code.arrayasynciocollectionscsvdatetimegziphtml.parseritertoolsjsonmathnumpyospathresubprocesstextwraptimetimeiturllibxml
Errors. Here are some errors. In Python we end up with errors when something goes wrong. The name of the error indicates the kind of problem that occurred.AssertionErrorIndentationErrorIOErrorJSONDecodeErrorKeyErrorNameErrorSyntaxError
Algorithms. Here are custom methods. Algorithms are methods that describe how complex (or simple) problems are solved. We analyze and mutate many data sources.Algorithm: AnagramAlgorithm: Compound InterestAlgorithm: FibonacciAlgorithm: FrequenciesAlgorithm: MazeAlgorithm: PalindromeAlgorithm: PrimeAlgorithm: Word Count
Recursion. Many problems are solved with recursion. In a recursive algorithm, we can perform a brute-force search of all possibilities.Recursion
Compression. With the gzip module we can compress (and decompress) data. We can handle compression with external programs like 7-Zip or use only Python methods.Compression: 7-ZipCompression: GZIPCompression: PAQ
JIT compiler. With an advanced just-in-time compiler like PyPy, Python programs execute much faster. These new technologies are a clear win in the Python world.PyPy:
An external page. For each function, an example is provided on the linked page. You may want to use your browser's find command to locate the keyword.Built-in Functions:
Name. Python is not named after a snake. It is named after a British comedy show broadcast from 1969 to 1974 (in the UK, but you probably guessed that part).

Quote: I picked the first thing that came to mind, which happened to be Monty Python's Flying Circus, one of my favorite comedy troupes (The History of Python: Guido van Rossum).

In this language, we have many powerful features. Python is important in the world. As you become an expert in Python you will be able to develop many important things.
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