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MessageBox. Use the MessageBox.Show method in Windows Forms to display a dialog box. Change the buttons and text.C# MessageBox.Show Examples
Button. Create a Button control in Windows Forms and handle clicks with an event handler.C# Button Example
ColorDialog. Use the ColorDialog control in Windows Forms to display a color picker.C# ColorDialog Example
Controls. Use Windows Forms controls, selecting from the types in the System.Windows.Forms namespace.C# Windows Forms Controls
OpenFileDialog. Use the OpenFileDialog control in Windows Forms to enable the selection of a file.C# OpenFileDialog Example
ProgressBar. Use ProgressBar in Windows Forms with a background thread to indicate progress.C# ProgressBar Example
TextBox. Use the TextBox control to allow text to be entered. Create a TextBox with the Visual Studio designer.C# TextBox Example
TreeView. Use the TreeView control in Windows Forms to display nested data items and allow expanding of child nodes.C# TreeView Tutorial
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